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A-M-A Expat UK  comprehensively  provide you with logistical step by step support. We go the extra mile  in all of our services, and specialise in the areas of Intercultural Training and Global Mobility, providing you with tailored packages to suit your requirements. Whether you are a familiar Londoner or a complete London novice we attentively cultivate intercultural pre-arrival precepts to get you started and settled, so your integration comes with a smooth landing.   We understand that transitioning from one location to another can be apprehensive, but we are here to give you complete peace of mind with as little disturbance to your professional and personal life as is possible.  

Legal principles and values in foreign territories vary from place to place, which is why not only do we boast a workforce of skilled and experienced team members, we have also carefully crafted our packages, to ensure that the entire Relocation service is covered to its entirety, from start to finish.

Alongside our relocation services we provide affordable career support to help you fulfill ALL possibilities. We also facilitate additional property management that can be either, combined into a relocation package or managed as a completely separate service. We host a consistent and reliable circle of reputable contacts within the industry to which benefit from first-hand market updates via long standing professional relationships. We make it our business ethos to remain well informed of current legal and political affairs.


Our Services

AMA are looking forward to guiding you through your international relocation experience, we are dedicated to providing you with an assured quality service, every step of the way with exceptionally low prices throughout. With all the information available out there, it can quickly become overwhelming, and that is exactly why we are here, to manage the process for you. Whilst there are numerous competition with existing Relocation and Property companies, it is a busy industry that remains in demand and is constantly changing. We are a group of like minded professionals with a desire for customer care, that’s why we are committed to the success of your relocation. The services we provide you are as follows but not limited to: Pre- arrival, Orientation, Home Search, Education, Settling in, Residency Management, Career Support, Mentorship, Serviced Apartments and Diplomatic Services.


We get the answers you need, the moment you need them! We will welcome you with a bespoke pakage tailored to your specific criteria. Our clients have profited from our intercultural and orientation programme. We provide you with ongoing access to the critical details you need, to stay up-to-date with your package for your input and full reassurance.

Program Management

Choosing an Expat management company is no easy task, and it’s not always clear to see how one company is different from another. Well, let us show you! We will assign you a Personal Expat Mentor (PEM) from initial contact, to settlement in your choice of destination. We offer very spirited rates and have a knack for creating partnerships and negotiating terms suited to our individual clients. In addition to this AMA Expat UK will provide you with an exclusive welcome package to fully equip you for the duration of your stay.

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Why Choose A-M-A Expat UK

* Because we take care of the process from start to finish * We save you money through our unrivaled knowledge of the market place, through our associate partners. * We assign a single point of contact to ensure effective and consistent support * We create a unique relocation package to suit your needs due to our diversity & flexibility * We manage expectations with full transparency to avoid disappointment. *OUR A-M-A Mentors provide you full guidance and support, mapping out your perspectives and consolidate your entire process. * We always achieve the best result!

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  • We will be delighted to discuss a tailor-made solution for your Relocation and Residential needs, on-line or in person with one of our Personal Expat Mentors (PEM)